Integer overflow

Computation in a computer using integers is performed using twos complement representation. Integers can thus take two forms: Unsigned integers Signed integers Signed integers are useful in representing only positive numbers(No decimal points), including zero. Unsigned integers are useful for representing both positive and negative numbers including zero. Within the above classes of integers have … Continue reading Integer overflow

Data error in scientific computing

Errors arise from approximations such as: Modeling due to problem simplification. During actual measurement As a result of previous computation in an iterative solution.   Data error and computation error Total error=computational error + propagated data error. Computational error is the difference between the method chosen, and that method that would give a correct result. … Continue reading Data error in scientific computing

Getting started with scientific computing

This category on scientific computing is based on my previous personal notes on the topic while studying for my EE major. I have rewritten the notes here for self reference. What is scientific computing It is a branch of applied mathematics. Involves solving mathematical problems by the use of algorithms and the assessment of the … Continue reading Getting started with scientific computing